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How to make coffee ice-cream | 3 ingredients only

How to make coffee ice-cream


How to make coffee ice-cream | 3 ingredients only

Coffee ice-cream is the most loved dessert to every one of age’s kin. The vast majority of the people such as kids, teenagers, youths, and seniors like the ice-cream to such an extent. There are many types of coffee ice-cream in the world. The different country makes different types and different tastes ice-cream. The making processes are additionally different. Some most popular Coffee ice-creams of the worlds are Vanilla, Strawberry, Caramel, Cookie Dough, Chocolate or Coffee ice-cream. Coffee ice-cream is one of the tops wanted of them.

So, today take a lesson how to make coffee ice-cream with 3 ingredients in the home.

Required Equipment

Ice-cream maker: To make the ice-cream, firstly you need an ice-cream maker. There are different types and different brands ice-cream maker in the market. You can buy what you want. If you already have an ice-cream maker, that’s great! It would be the best if you have the stand mixer attachment with your ice-cream maker. It will help you to make an excellent coffee ice-cream.

Mixing bowl: You need a medium size mixing bowl to mix all the ingredients properly. Any type of mixing bowl is allowed. Like ceramics, wooden or silver bowl etc.

Saucepan: To heat the mixing ingredients we need a saucepan. Any medium or small size saucepan will okay for that. I hope you have a saucepan with your kitchen tools obviously.

Kitchen sieve or cheese cloth:  You will need it when you will sieve the ice-cream mixture before giving to freeze it.

Box with lid: To keep the ready ice-cream mixture into the refrigerator you need a freezer safe box with lid. Any type of ice-cream box or plastic box will be okay.

Measuring cups and spoon: To measure the ingredients in a proper limit, need measuring cup and spoon.

Wooden Spoon: To stir and melt the ingredients properly we need a Wooden spoon.

Obviously, your refrigerator or freezer will be used also.


Coconut Milk or whipped cream: First wee need coconut milk. It is better to use canned coconut milk. The fat content of the coconut milk should be around 25-30% maximum. You can use condensed milk or whipping cream instead of coconut milk. Any known brands condense milk or whipping cream will be okay for that.

Sugar: If you use condensed milk it is not must use sugar. But if you use coconut milk, then you have to add sugar to increase the sweetness of the ice-cream.

Coffee: For making a coffee ice-cream, it is must add coffee powder or liquid. You can use any types or brands coffee to make it. But it is best to use unpolished ground coffee.

How to make 3 ingredients coffee ice-cream

At first, you have to collect all the equipment and ingredients properly. Then start to work.

Ingredients Measurement:

  • Coconut milk -1 can
  • Unpolished coffee – 2 tablespoon
  • Sugar- 1/3 Cup

Making Process:

Mixing Ingredients

At first, you need to mix the ingredients properly. Pour the coconut milk into the saucepan. Then add the coffee and later sugar. Stir the composition perfectly. Then place the pan on the stove and keep heating under low heat. Once the mixture begins to warm, coconut milk will liquefy and the sugar will break up. After some time you will see the fluids start to foam, keep heating until the fluids going to bubble. Then stop heating and let sit for 5 minutes. When the liquid turn into natural temperature, pour it with the kitchen sieve into the box and cover it. You can speed this procedure by using your refrigerator, however, be careful, the coconut milk will start to solidify at icebox temperatures.

Use ice-cream maker

Once the mixture is at room temperature, take your ice-cream maker attachment and fix it to your stand blender. Pour the liquid into the blender and start the rotor. Now start swing to mix the liquid perfectly. Churn it for 30 minutes and kill the on button of the ice-cream maker.


You can decorate the coffee ice-cream by your won choice. You can add almond chopped, strawberry juice, Caramel and can decorate the ice-cream just like an ice-cream shop.

Now you have a delicious homemade coffee ice-cream. You can enjoy the coffee ice-cream immediately or can leave to freeze for two/three weeks. You can present the yummy ice-cream to your child or guest or a sudden party.

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