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Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven, 10 Qt

Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven

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Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven, 10 Qt

Planning a campfire or fireplace cooking? Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven is the product that you should possess. Made in the USA by Lodge, it is a camping enthusiast’s friend, as it is an excellent cookware for the outdoors. Get yourself the pleasure of having your favorite preparation of soup in an away-from-home environment! You have to agree that good food is a must to add that icing on your camping adventure. Elaborate meals are something that you would choose to avoid in the outdoors. But that doesn’t mean you would want to deprive your appetite or agitate your taste buds! You wouldn’t leave this companion back if you want to enjoy your outdoor journeys to their fullest.


If you’re tired of fixing your old oven for a reasonable price, this Dutch Oven is a keeper. Here I present a list of the specifications which will be elaborated in the following segment to help you understand the functionality of the model better.

  • Made of seasoned cast iron
  • Diameter-14inch
  • Depth-5 inch
  • Capacity-10-quart
  • Multi-functional
  • Surface is non-sticky
  • Guarantee of longevity spreading over generations
  • Constructed in a manner that makes it tough and therefore durable
  • Cleaning is not a problem
  • Colour: black
  • Heavyweight
  • Heat distribution is even and smooth
  • Integral legs are provided beneath the oven so that it can be placed on any kind of surface in the outdoors.
  • Number of integral legs: 3
  • The lid is flanged, thus helping in holding hot coals for cooking.
  • The lid can be flipped to serve as a griddle.
  • Pre-seasoned and thus ready to be used.
  • Bale handle to be used with a tripod.
  • Comes with a heavy bale wire gauge with which the oven can be suspended over a hearth or campfire.

In-depth Review

  • Usable with a Variety of Heat Sources: This is good with gas, electric, induction, at home on the stove, on the grill or in your campfires. This bears evidence of versatility of the constituent material.
  • Begin Slow: You are advised to start heating it on a low fire and slowly raise the heat to medium or medium/high. Always remove cookware from the stovetop after cooking.
  • Precaution: You must remove the cookware from the stovetop after your work is done.
  • Seasoned Cast Iron: The pores of the iron are infiltrated with vegetable oils with the help of electrostatic spray systems which ensure the filling up of each and every pore. Then this sprayed oil is baked in an industrial oven. This finally leads to it the heirloom touch.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Heat is effortlessly and smoothly spread out and given access to from all sides and bottom for perfection in cooking. Uneven or time-consuming processes of baking, roasting, frying are ruled out with the help of this facility.
  • Is Being Used since Many Generations: This product is being used since long. Iron gives it the required strength and longevity. The product will last you for a lifetime if used with a little precaution.


Pros of Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven

  • It solves the problem of uneven baking.
  • Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven gives a commendable performance in high-heat tolerance
  • Food particles do not stick to the sides
  • The constituting material, iron, has its own nourishing qualities.
  • It is durable and assures you with heavy duty
  • Effortlessly heats from all sides and bottom
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Multi-functional, inviting you to stew, roast, bake, fry, simmer, sauté.
  • Can be hung on hearth
  • Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven’s smart color and looks can no doubt complement your adventurous mood

Cons of Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven

  • Handles become very hot in the oven. You must take care to wear oven mitts while lifting it from stovetops. Risks of accidents are not non-existent.
  • You cannot leave it to dry in the open air as that causes rust formation.
  • You cannot use soap or detergent as cleaning ingredients.
  • The heavyweight is a drawback


This Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven is quite correctly called the classic campsite oven, a camping lover’s essential companion. Your outdoor adventures, especially your camping trips will not be satisfactory if you only have to depend on the titbits you got from home or if you have to buy food from the nearby market every day which might not be possible for you. Cooking sessions against the campfires are the soul of camping trips. So make them memorable with this ‘one pot’ pan!

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