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How to Keep Your Food Safe and clean

Food Safe and clean


How to Keep Your Food Safe and clean

Food is the main elements of living being. There is a proverb that, “you are what you eat.” So, you have to be better concerned about your food safety. It is vital that the food we eat is safe and clean. If you take unhygienic foods or drink, you might be gotten an illness and will suffer badly. It is must prepare the meals in a safe and hygienic way. Because the harmful germs in the air can affect the foods and can cause food poisonings like vomiting and diarrhea. It is important for all age’s people, especially for the child and seniors.

Let’s start to explain the way to keep the food safe and clean to protect food poisoning in this article.

Necessity of keeping foods safe and clean

At first, you have to know the importance of safe and clean foods. Food is the most important to our survival. So it has to be safe and clean for our healthy living. We can follow some importance tips and rules which can protect our food from being infectious.

  • Safe and great quality foods are essential to our health
  • Eating unsafe foods and drinking contaminated water can lead to food-borne disease
  • Unsafe foods help germs to enter our body
  • Unsafe and unhygienic foods and drink contain microbes which are cause diarrhea, cholera, vomiting, breathing problem etc.
  • The foods that are containing the natural toxin or chemical constitute a health hazard.

To prevent all the negative effects, you have to follow the proper rules of hygiene. You should change your habits which are not good at all. Take a look over there to know the tips and tricks about food safety.

Personal hygiene

To prepare the best food it is must keep in mind about personal hygiene. It is one of the most important things in the task of cooking. The cooker might contain a lot of germs like harmful micro-organism, parasites etc which can cause food poisoning. So, before cooking and eating you have to be conscious about personal hygiene.

  • Washing hand is an important hygienic step in cooking tasks to prevent pathogens from the foods. Wash hands properly for 20 seconds using soap and warm water. And dry them for 20 seconds using a clean towel.
  • Cut your fingernail and keep them clean. Because large nails may contain germ and it can spread out to foods
  • Using latrine is a healthy habit. Use toilet and keep it clean and germ-free
  • If you have any injury in the hands, cover it with bandage to prevent tainting during food preparation
  • Avoid spitting and coughing near the food and water when you are cooking
  • Teach child to use potty and puts their exertion in the toilet
  • Keep the domestic animals away from kitchen and food

Cooking tips

Cooking is an art. It needs carefulness and attentiveness. You have to follow some important tips to prevent foods germ attacking when you cook the foods for your family or others.

  • At first star with washing and drying the hands properly
  • Clean all the cooking tools and cooking desk properly like spoons, knife, pans, stove area etc
  • When cutting the fruits or vegetables, cut away any  damaged and wounds zone on fresh vegetables or fruit
  • Wash the foods and vegetables properly under running water before cooking.
  • You have to defrost frozen foods properly, otherwise, they won’t cook thoroughly in the center of the food
  • Cook the fish and meat properly. Internal temperature of the meats thickest part should be 75 Degree Celsius
  • Before eating a freezing food, reheat the remains over 75 Degree Celsius until steaming hot
  • Check the expired date and time when using the raw foods for cooking.

Buying tips

To get fresh, safe and clean foods, buying consciousness is needed mostly. When you buy the foods, be careful about some important things.

  • See the label of expired date and year, and manufacture process ingredients
  • Buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the market, avoid bruised and damaged raw
  • If you are selecting fresh-cut produce, like a half watermelon or salad pick the items which are refrigerated or surrounded by ice cubes
  • Carry the vegetables in the separate bag from fish, meat, poultry or seafood.

Storage tips   

Properly storing the foods is another good way to get safe foods. It can help you to prevent food-borne disease.  Follow the instruction when storing foods.

  • Keep the cooked and raw foods separate, otherwise raw can cause germ to the cooked food
  • Cool temperature is safe for foods. Refrigerate any remains food within 2 hours and cool hot foods in a little bit before refrigerating it
  • Always keep the foods covered to prevent germ effect
  • Keep your refrigerator clean and at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below

We hope that the rules and tips about food safety will be beneficial to you. If the article is able to complete your demand, then bookmark it and visit us again. Thank you.

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