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Emile Henry Flame Top 4.2-Quart Round Oven, Red

Emile Henry Flame

Kitchen Tool

Emile Henry Flame Top 4.2-Quart Round Oven, Red

This Emile Henry Flame comes with the age-old two-in-one formula that never loses its charm, in the sense that, this can be used both as a stove and an oven. You wouldn’t want your kitchen to feel the absence of this strong stew pot neither would you want your cooking skills to not meet the perfect companion that will make them shine bright! Its multi-functionality introduces you to a versatile wonder of the culinary realm. Useful and attractive, this product can be an appropriately personified as someone who is both plenty in beauty as well as brains. Enjoy healthy cooking prepared in this natural utensil.


  • Composed of natural clay, more specifically Burgundy clay.
  • This is 30% lighter than cast iron
  • The glaze that it displays has a durable quality
  • Easy to clean
  • This Emile Henry Flame known for even and gentle cooking.
  • It would fascinate you to know that this one has a high tolerance to direct heat.
  • You can expose it to gas flames and even electric or halogen hob.
  • The flame top can be cleaned with dishwashers.
  • You can find raised dots on the sides underneath each lid.
  • Product Dimensions 10.24 x 10.24 x 6.5
  • Colour: red
  • Size: 4.2 Quarts
  • Material type: Ceramic
  • Item weight: 900 pounds
  • Employs self-basting techniques

In-depth Review

  • Natural Products: You will surely attach importance to the fact that this product is made from raw materials procured from the surrounding natural environment that is non-treated clay. The colorful glaze is an effect of the sand, filtered water, and mineral oxides. This allows you to cook in total safety. Your health is free from the risk of poisoning by lead, cadmium, nickel.
  • Delicate Cooking: As opposed to metallic utensils, this one has an excellent diffusing capacity. Food is not burned, flavors are in place. It is advisable that you cook on a low flame, at least in the beginning, as that also helps to conserve the vitamins.
  • Healthy Cooking: The natural composition nourishes us more by preserving the original nutrients in the food items. You will be glad to know that you can cook with much less fat as the glazes are highly resistant. The non-porous ceramic prevents the absorption of odors or moisture and makes it easy to clean.
  • Resistance against Mechanical Shocks: This product is a hit at the restaurants too due to its tough construction. How fascinating is it own a naturally made clay product that is also not fragile?
  • Resistance against Temperature Changes: The ceramics strengthen this product. It can be shifted instantly from the freezer to the hot oven (+500°C/930°F). The raised dots spread the evaporated juices back into the food. This self-basting phenomenon produces tenderness in foods.
  • Resistance against Fading Colours: And finally, to end all your fears, this one can fight the negative effects of the most powerful detergents and dishwashers and retain the color.

 Pros of Emile Henry Flame

  • Tops the chart of cook wares in terms of health benefits.
  • No potential hazard from cadmium or nickel poisoning sourced in ovens having metallic walls.
  • You can enhance gentle cooking due to the even heat distributive properties.
  • You can place it on open gas flame or electric hobs
  • This Emile Henry Flame Can be easily cleaned with detergents also
  • You are assured of its longevity as it does not submit easily to mechanical shocks.
  • Original nutrients are preserved.
  • Colour does not fade. How amazing it will be if it appears brand new to your guests for many years!
  • The clay affects the flavors and textures of the food, for instance, meat remains tender and moist.
  • You can make crispy bread successfully. This is mechanized by the absorption of moisture from the surface of the bread without removing the steam from the dough.

Cons of Emile Henry Flame

  • Seasoning can be difficult
  • You need to be well equipped with patience as the temperature takes time to rise.


   You would savour the possession of this unique, modern earthen cook ware, that makes cooking easy but not at all at the cost of your priceless health. Rather, as the review shows, this Emile Henry Flame takes that extra step to improve your health by conserving nutrients. So don’t wait longer and go for it. Why depriving yourself of the wonders of this culinary messiah?

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